York Cricket Club’s ‘opening partnership’ with York Mind announced

Players of all ages from York Cricket Cub (YCC) will wear the York Mind logo on their shirt sleeves for the next three summers, hoping to raise awareness for mental health. Dr Nigel Durham, Chairman of YCC, confirmed, “the club are thrilled to be assisting such a revered and important charity promote mental health, and through working as a team with York Mind we hope to help vulnerable individuals, particularly following such recent tough times.” He added, “YCC will be running several raffles in the summer for the charity, but as importantly the club’s focus and ambition is to support people facing mental health or emotional difficulties, and to recognise the value of openness and talking to others.”

A York Mind spokesperson said, “York Mind are delighted to be teaming up with York Cricket Club to raise awareness of the vital mental health support we can provide in York.

As an independently run, local charity, it’s really important to us that people know where they can turn to when things get tough. We are proud to provide a range of free and low-cost support to anyone experiencing mental or emotional difficulties in York.

Whether you are…

· Interested in setting up ongoing one to one sessions (such as Counselling)
· You’d like to join an online / in-person group activity to increase your wellbeing
· You’d like to learn more about mental health by taking a Training Course
· Or you’re feeling that you don’t know where to start

…we aim to provide services which will help equip you with the tools you need for good mental health throughout your life.

You can access support from York Mind by self-referral here: http://www.yorkmind.org.uk/refer
We help anyone in York aged 8+, and our services are provided either free of charge (or offered at low-cost).

The first step to making positive changes to our mental health, is creating an environment where openness & sharing of our difficulties is encouraged. We are all on the same team.
Raising awareness of the local help available, together York Mind and York Cricket Club can invite more conversations about mental health, help people get the support they need, and ultimately save lives.”