York CC Statement

Over the last 72 hours the club has enacted some serious soul searching following the deeply regrettable incident that took place when York 1st XI played at Sessay Cricket Club on the afternoon of Saturday 8th July.First and foremost we reiterate the apology we gave after the match, without reservation, to Sessay Cricket Club, its players, officials and supporters. They have handled the situation with exceptional grace and virtue. In all walks of life mistakes are made and this was definitely one, for which we sincerely apologise. York Cricket Club has a long tradition of playing hard, competitive cricket, to win, but not at all costs. The dismissal of Diego Rosier wasn’t cricket or within the ‘spirit of cricket’.
The captain, the whole team, and club, are mortified by the error of judgement that was made. They and we will learn from it and it will never happen again.We will move on from Saturday with a better understanding of the game we all love and why it must be protected from moments like this, and always played within the right spirit.

As Chairman or York Cricket Club, I wish to reiterate my thanks to all of Sessay Cricket Club for their impeccable dignity and reserve in what has been a very unsporting event and mistake, which has tarnished the reputation of York Cricket Club.

I hope we can make amends in the near future, and can only apologise once again.

Dr Nigel Durham

Chairman of York Cricket Club